Harley Flanagan expresses the lifestyle and all the struggles he experienced as a musician throughout his entire career in such great detail, that readers are fully able to close their eyes and picture everything that’s written inside “Hardcore: Life of my Own”. The words are written so in-depth, it’s as if the person reading were side by side with Harley witnessing all the chaos that occurred during 1970’s Euro punk scene and 1980’s era of hardcore; that’s how great of a writer Harley is! You can truly feel every word on every page and all the situations involving Mr. Flanagan like it’s your very own memory.
Chad Thomas Carsten, Vandala

What makes Harley’s book a great read… is that It shows the evolution of a man and is a story of survival, personal transformation and how times eventually changed. Apart from bluntly shedding light on the history of punk rock and hardcore, the immediateness of Flanagan’s memoir with its detailed first-person depictions of all the violence and catastrophes he endured, at times perpetrated and not always came off unscathed, makes it a page turner and essential resource for anyone interested in learning about the roots and intensity that spawned hardcore punk and New York Hardcore in particular.
Scene Point Blank

Guys like Harley set the tone for an entire subculture, and I absolutely guarantee you that by telling his story in this way – with so much vulnerability – he’ll make a difference in more than a few lives.
Finn McKenty, The Punk Rock MBA